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The contact page has been updated with a new online form to email us. Please use this if there any questions you have about the site or related to our church. Thank you.

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  1. Dear Simon,
    I started to write up a explanation of our goals for the White Horse Missions Conference and then lost it, so I will try again.
    New Tribes Mission is a none denominal mission that is committed to reaching the “least Reached” people groups of the world.
    Our goal for the White Horse Conference is:
    -to bless the churches of White Horse
    -To share with Gods people what He is doing around the world among the least people groups today.
    -To encourage the local churches and share how they might engage to a greater extent in World Evangelism.
    -To share how we teach the Bible to people who have no Judao-value background.
    -challenge and encourage the church and its members to engage in missions.

    Yours for unreached
    Peter Enns
    (306) 741-6691

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