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This is a record of the start of our church by the founding pastor Pastor E A Bergman.

An Introduction to the Yukon

by Pastor E. A. Bergman


“Well it all began in a trip to the Yukon with Bud McClain, to investigate the sovereign revival that was happening in Mayo spreading to the Native villages.

As we talked to grandma Hager, she unfolded the events that was an answer to her desperate cry in prayer. This resulted in continuous non-stop meetings each night for years (1971-1973). At Ray Jackson’s house we met about 40 YWAM being launched into the village under Ray’s advise. Ray was a Christian through the Baptist Mission School and now the united spokesman for the 1st Nation’s people. Ray invited us to come and teach the people God’s word.

After some miraculous Holy Spirit direction, it was confirmed to enter the mission field of the North. One confirmation was “Shafts of Light in a vision that led from Surrey to the North shown on a Canadian Map.” Also, a prophetic surprise when a friend handed us a cheque for $750.00, and stated that it was for our work in the North. Jesus became the way as we ventured to do His will. He marvellously opened up the way for residence and employment. We joined the Christian meetings in the villages nightly.

However, after a time the Holy Spirit revealed to us that we would need our own facilities to lay a proper foundation of the Word. The door of opportunity was swinging wider as we baptized about 37 people, mostly native at the hot springs. Then, the miraculous purchase of the previous military chapel in Hillcrest.

At that time there was excitement in the Spirit as meetings began in the new facility. Within a year, people were being added including a number of youth who were zealous for God. They thought that they should go to some bible college to prepare for ministry.

This became heavy on our hearts as we felt a check in our spirits. As we prayed we received a phone call that became our answer. We set up a bible school right here. That grew until we had wall to wall people including children’s church. This teaching course developed to a 3 year program and many were discipled in the Word.

This followed with a presbytery, fasting, praying and the laying on of hands. There was prophecy and many were confirmed in the specific calling. At the same time and within a year of our beginning there was a call to take the gospel to Burwash Landing. This was confirmed by Sister Irene Smith’s prophetic cry: “Who will come to my people?” Then one morning Marilyn & I were startled to have the Word come while we were sleeping. We sat up in bed at the same time. I was out of work in carpentry for a few months. We went to Burwash. From that connection, Lower Post & Haines Junction were added. Soon we were taking our teaching course to these places with great results and transformed lives. Sister betty Caron travelled the villages teaching and encouraging the students.

There was a prophetic word by Dave Hubert that Bible Fellowship was like a hub of a wheel that would travel to all parts of the North. And so it was, PTL.

Each year we had graduation and many were rooted and grounded in the Word. The Word being taught with relevant experiences brought much increase and joy.

What we participated with God’s teaching to every creature we could realize what we were doing was simply following the original pattern of the New Testament church.

May this be of some encouragement for this assembly of YBF about the vision of the “House”.

Many scriptures could refer to what I’ve just said. May the Lord give wisdom to follow His pattern.

With love,

E. A. Bergman

The word took pre-eminence with Ezra and Nehemiah: “And the elders of the Jews builded and the prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo. And they builded and finished it according to the commandment of Cyrus and Darius and Artaxerxes king of Persia.” Ez 6:14 – Submitted by Sister B.

“We moved to the Yukon with one aim: To up a training base. God put in our hands the ‘key’ so that many could be trained even in the villages. Workers were provided to reinforce this. Christian School became another means of training.”


    • Mark A Bernard on August 15, 2020 at 10:09 am
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    Enjoyed reading Pastor and Mrs. B’s account of the start of YBF. As a new believer I was accepted and discipled under the loving and patient ministry of this Godly couple from 1981 to 1991 when my wife and I left the Yukon.
    I first arrived in Whitehorse in Sept. 1976 and it felt like home from day one, it is often in my/our thoughts and one day, Lord willing, we may return. God bless you all, keep shining the light and lifting up the name of Jesus in our beloved Yukon.
    Love in Jesus, Mark and Shaunna Bernard.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that, Mark! We are blessed by a rich and abundant legacy from the Bergman’s! We hope you are able to make it back to Whitehorse again and join us one Sunday morning. Take care and God bless.

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