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Values of our church

Values of Northlight

Our values shape who we are. Values also influence what we do and why we do things the way we do! We all have values personally, and our church community has a set of values too. Our hope and intention is that you will experience the impact of those values when you visit us and become part of our community.

  • Authenticity

We believe in being real. Authenticity for us is being real about our lives and about our faith. We are all on a journey and in process to becoming all that God desires us to be. We won’t pretend that we are perfect and we don’t expect you to either!

  • Welcoming

God himself welcomes us into his presence, accepts us and loves us whoever we are. We desire to be a community that reflects that love and welcome that God gives to us. We want people to find a place to belong and find their purpose.

  • Creativity

We love being creative in our church community. God himself is a creator and we are inspired to be like him. We have a high value for the arts, music and visual media – but even more than that, we want creativity to be a part of all that we do.

  • Freedom

God’s definition of freedom is different. It isn’t that we can just do whatever we like. His freedom is more about being free to become who he designed us to be. Our life with him is about life, joy and energy. we seek to reflect that in the way we do church together.

  • Connection

For us it’s all about connection. Our connection first with God and then with each other. God desires us to do life together. True community is found when we are able to support, encourage and inspire each other to be all that God desires us to be.

If any of these values pique your interest or you want to know more, please get in touch with us. Use our contact page or the comments section to send us a message. God bless!

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